Our products are inspired by the women.

Beautiful handmade, quality, comfort and unique designs made it thinking about you.  Make your story with our shoes. We make shoes for you to make the story.

A recent Kansa University study has shown that in addition to dress, hair shape and makeup, a crucial aspect in determining our personality and even our state of mind is our shoes. At Makers Shoes we know that there is more than one shoe for each woman and that is why for 15 years we have been working to bring you a variety of footwear, designs, colors and sensations to feel like we really are, UNIQUE.

Makers Shoes

Ride the shoes of your dreams

No matter how demanding you are, Makers Shoes has accumulated the experience of important designers and the talent of the best craftsmen to delight us with the sensation of wearing footwear that distinguishes us with comfort, elegance and glamour.

Sandals for the beach


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