The Shoes you wear reveals how you are or how you feel.

A Shoe for Every Moment in a Woman's Life

Women's shoes usually make up one of the most interesting and complex aspects of the wardrobe. This type of three-dimensional and sculptural accessory not only denotes social status but also determines our capacity for selection and choice. Women’s Elegance has been determined by the shoes they wear, since feet have been one of the most controversial and erotic parts of the female body. Even today feet enjoy a certain erotic fetishism.

Just like the hands, the female feet are closely related to the way we relate to the body. We know how to bring beauty to our feet in the same way that we do it with our hands or hair. So why not show it, why not wear it on the outside.

Women's Flat Shoes

Women's flat shoes begin to become popular among young women in response to the elegant and conservative shoes of the beginning of the decade. It started with a frantic succession of styles that prioritized comfort in the use of women's shoes without losing elegance and delicate femininity .

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Our collection of low-heeled shoes emphasizes comfort and feminine beauty with special attention to the variety of colors and shapes that give us closed, open shoes with different materials, textures and finishes.

Maker Shoes has low shoes to cover all the needs of women. Open to show your feet, closed to add a discreet tone, with laces, leather, textures, metal glitters or simply delicate accessories that reveal your delicate feet. Every woman has moments when she needs to prioritize comfort without having to give up the beauty and sensuality of her feet.
We invite you to browse our collection of women's low-cut shoes created by women and for women.

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