Dare to get on some heart-stopping wedges!

Miami wedges shoes

With a good dress, in shorts or jeans, wedge shoes are the best way to enhance the shape of the legs withoutlosing balance. The size of the wedge allows you to combine designs with laces, colors and textures that are going to offer you thousands of combination possibilities. You can go from a more daring Look to a stylized and elegant visual touch with a slim and balanced silhouette.

wedges shoes for work

Wedges Shoes for Work

How to make us look delicate, slender, stylish, and also earn us a few inches more. All this is solved by good "wedge shoes". Day to day can be a real stress. Looking good doesn't always make us feel good. Fortunately, wedge shoes for work are a true blessing if you want to be well heeled, safe and even better, comfortable. Why go eight hours balancing on some heels, if you can be at the same height on a stable base? This is the main advantage of wedge shoes or platform shoes. Wedge shoes were created in the 1930s and the wedge heel runs in one piece under the foot, from the back of the shoe to the front.

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Wedges Shoes for Work


History of wedge shoes or platforms

Salvatore Ferragamo, an Italian designer, saw the need for an orthopedic shoe and designed the first female wedge shoe in 1935. A year later he improved his invention by adding a heel detail. Given the lack of leather in Italy at the time, Ferragamo's main contribution was to include materials such as cork in the manufacture of the shoe. Cork made these first platforms very light and easy to walk.

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The wedge platforms had a strong influence on women during the Second World War.  The use of cork due to the lack of rubber and leather made them an alternative to enhance the female figure. Wedge shoes reached up to five inches in height during this time.
The 1970s brought back the platforms and marked a trend throughout the decade. The freedom of the time, the colors and the irreverence of the counterculture especially in the United States, made platform shoes reach even men's fashion.

Since 2006 and up to the present, wedge or platform shoes are a sustained trend in almost all its variations.The reason is simple, they give us the possibility of carrying a slender, slim figure, prevent us from falling and stumbling, and even being stranded in the garden.

Without giving up those extra heel inches, the platform gives us the security of being able to walk upright with a light step while enhancing the contour of our legs without pain in the ankle or heel.

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